Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spring Fever, Student Driver and well, what else?! Cupcakes!

I had to add these cookies too! Regular Sugar with Royal Icing and Fondant accents, Spring has sprung!
I just cannot believe that my sweet little girl has my life in the palm of her hands! Gosh how time flies! She is doing a wonderful job, and as usual is an exceptional student...we won't even mention the go-cart incident and how her breaks just didn't work! Really...she means it, really!

Okay, who can remember this awesome icing from your childhood, hmmm, ME! I CAN, I CAN! So I just had to create a chocolate cupcake, filled with hazelnut chocolate cream, and topped with the luscious high childhood favorite, and then, well, it just had to be topped with a coating of ganache to add to the indulgence. Do you think these will make it in Hallowed Grounds? This is what recipe testing is about, I wish you could taste through the computer screen!

The family also tested two separate recipes for the Vanilla Bean Cupcake and Vanilla Bean Buttercream and we were testing the cupcake liners as well. The top left is the one dd and I like. The liner to the top right is traditional and the center bottom is traditional baked outside of the cupcake tin...which one do you prefer? The sugar-rimmed cupcake below is the winning recipe though...the crumb was perfect, the other recipe "shrunk" after baking....cheer us on!

The bakeshop is still under planning stages, we are terrified and excited at the same please keep us in your prayers...God is so wonderfully consistent, I know that HE will hold me dearly in all situations.