Monday, February 26, 2007

Stuffed Shells and Strawberry Cream Puffs for Freezer-Kit Cooking

Freezer-Kit Creamy Stuffed Shells with Fresh Garlic Bread

and, Strawberry Cream Puffs Freezer-Kit (which takes a bunch of egg yolks...thanks Danielle!) but are fairly easy to make, and they freeze wonderfully! As you can see I even took a super short cut and used whipped was on special, what can I say?!

The trick to Cream Puff Pastry is to blend after you have heated until the steam stops and then add egg yolks, one at a time.How easy to make this Freezer-Kit! And a picture of the pieces prior to assembly and plating....

Because I Adore Them!

Cake, nothing else, for no reason, except that I Love my FAMILY!

Creative Moments...

We painted our Kitchen in the the children each have chosen paint for their rooms! How very exciting! We all ripped down the 80's apple theme wall paper and taped the edges...rolled on the Provincial Yellow Paint and added the Deep Red accents...Love how it brightens the kitchen.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tHE aBsoLUte mOSt IncREdible!!!

My sweet daughter, pictures with the whipped sugar mass, she and I worked on a Valentine's gourmet Pink Marshmallow recipe...not only great mom-daughter time, but wowzers...the results are out of this world! These will be used for a dinner that our church youth group is hosting...if we can keep the kiddos out of them! I can't wait to do another batch, I think dipped in chocolate, or white chocolate or, oh wait, in CARAMEL...okay okay I'll stop so you can look at these awesome creatures...

Gourmet Marshmallows!!!!! GreatGrandmother'sSpatula!!!! These are the most amazing, and wonderful, and incredible, and mmm-mmm-good...

Okay, so you too want to know how to create this masterpiece? Click here and you too will find the marshmallow love! Thank you nightscotsman for the wonderful recipe!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I watched a pot and guess what!? It boiled!!! and Nacho Supremo Kit

WOW! Thank you ALL for the kind encouragement on this blog. I have been stewing over in my mind the how-tos on writing the Freezer-Kit Cooking Planner, and getting it on paper is harder than I ever imagined...but I am still working on as if you were "watching a pot"...the boiling will eventually happen! LOL

Nacho Supremo Freezer-Cooking Kit

We are having this WONDERFUL meal for lunch, so this plated dish is now GONE! I know I know I know...the recipes will follow as well! Blessings, Shawn <><

Friday, February 2, 2007

Classes are in the making!!

Behind the scenes (aka IRL) the classes and write ups for Freezer-Kit Cooking are coming together, and we are so excited for all of the wonderful comments and encouragement that all of YOU have been! I love, really, I mean it, LOVE to share these great home making tips and ideas. Along with my adoration of cooking and baking, it is, well, hmmm, words...wonderful to be able to be a part of your lives, and share my kitchen, with you...REALLY.

Above are pictures of the Chicken Corn Chowder Freezer-Kit and the Cheddar Herb Bread Freezer-Kit that we had for dinner last night. Along with it is a new project...

The MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE Freezer-Kit!!!! Yummmmm-O

We are off to a frigid, Pastor's Conference weekend of outdoor until Monday...May God continue to Bless you and I, in HIS most Wonderful Way!