Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have an issue...

This is really a confession. You see I have an issue. Food. Creating. Good. Food.
Mostly fatty and rich foods. To bring JOY. What?!? JOY?

Twisted. I know. So I am in a battle to let this go. For the JOY I desire should not come from foods, sugar and fat. This JOY should come from the SWEETNESS only CHRIST JESUS can deliver. Yet I seek out that validation when I deliver such delights and gain the JOY and glory from others enjoying these creations.

Nehemiah 8:10

Nehemiah said,

“Go and enjoy

choice food and sweet drinks,

and send some to those

who have nothing prepared.

This day is holy to our Lord.

Do not grieve,

for the joy of the


is your strength.”

So I "enjoy choice food and sweet drinks" and I love to share these creations, yet the JOY I receive is from the sharing and creating this is what I desire. I should be in desire for the JOY of the LORD for HE is my strength.

I am torn. It is Christmas season. I LOVE baking. I went to culinary school for goodness sake! Yet, I am being called out. Called to a bigger JOY. A higher SWEETNESS. So although my family will not go without culinary delights, I will moderate this year. Christ will be my JOY. Christ will be the SWEET celebration of this season.