Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Christopher's Last Year of Home Education

I am new to using a DSLR camera... and have been learning some fun angles and color compliments... and Christopher was eager (as ANY teen boy would be) to be my "subject for the day. THEN... wait for this... I found picmonkey online. I only made a collage with the pictures I was able to capture... without editing them... but if you saw my Vespa at the cemetery yesterday that was one of the "tools" they offer. FREE.... check it out!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day as a Chaplain's Wife

My Chaplain is in Afghanistan, and our Brigade had a lot of losses this weekend... and it is memorial day. I drove to the cemetery and had a few moments of quiet time in honor and respect for these men, in prayer for their families and friends. Would you join me?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Refreshing Cucumber Summer Sandwiches

This week in Memorial Day. Let us remember.

It is appropriate that today we as a group of Christian Army Wives will serve a fellow sister as we remember her husband who will not return to her arms from Afghanistan.

Cinnamon Crumb Cake and Cucumber Sandwiches are the items that I will take to the small reception following.

Refreshing Cucumber Sandwiches
Mix 1 package Cream Cheese with 1/4 cup mayonaise until creamy. Slice 1/2 cucumber and chop finely the other 1/2. Add the copped half to the creamed mixture, and season with salt and pepper. (I also add lemon pepper) Layer white bread with the creamed cucumber mixture, slices of cucumbers and another piece of bread. Trim crusts and cut into triangles. Dip the edges of two sides into a herb (parsley is pictured). Serve in cupcake liners.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photography in the Desert

I was blessed with a new "hobby" of sorts... yeah, I joined the group of mommies who take their cameras out and shoot constantly. Now, I am really trying not to see and live my world through a tiny hole... but, I AM looking at the world in a new way. I am still dependent on my automatic mode, but spent an afternoon with our Post's Navigators Group (a Bible Study geared for soldiers) at a local park discussing photography. .
There is not a lot of green, or trees in El Paso, Texas, so getting pictures with trees in the background is a big deal. AND looking UP into the trees is very rare. Thanks for the day out, and camera tips!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Coming Home and Holy Joe's Cafe

This is one of the loveliest sites for family members after months of being apart. I had the honor to be a witness to the welcome home for the first group of soldiers that are returning from Afghanistan, what a proud moment to be part of this awesome family we call Army. Prayerful that my soldier will be in my arms safe and sound in the near future. Yes, I am ready. Also, during this time reflecting on the dear families that will not have this reunion on earth, this is indeed a bittersweet time.
This week my man was part of a Grand Opening of Holy Joe's Cafe, attached to the chapel he serves. A special thanks to all who donate to this cause, what a respite in the dessert to have a great cup of coffee and wonderful fellowship in the name of the Lord. The chaplain's assistants did a fantastic job getting this set up and running. We are a blessed nation.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I can't believe this blog has sat for an entire year.  Even though I still get people emailing me and commenting, it has been missed.  So I have to recap what has been going on for so long...

1. My man (pictured above while home from war on R&R)... if you remember he is an Army Chaplain...
2. I was Blessed with a Vespa!  

2. A friend took some great pre-deployment pictures of our family.

3.  We visited White Sands with friends on Spring Break.

4. Fun Crafting time with friends.

5. White Ink Tattoo... yes  I did. :)

We are still at WONDERFUL Fort Bliss Texas and are hopeful for PCS orders this summer sometime. Our daughter is pretty serious with a young airman living in Hawaii and we have one getting ready to graduate high school next month, while another is finishing his Sophomore year.  Hug your children, they grow up so fast!

I also am learning photography, so hopefully this blog will not sit for days without attention.  (the last time I said that it sat an entire year!)  God Bless you!