Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home Rolled Noodles

Rolling noodles at home is easy and very fulfilling when you deliver the dish to the table to wonderful cheers of excitement! Here is how I make them
First make a well in 2 cups of flour, add 2 eggs, a pinch of salt and 1tsp evoo

Use a fork to combine the eggs, oil and salt, gently pulling the flour into the mixture, you may add milk or water to keep the mixture together. It will be a tough dough. Separate into four pieces, and let rest for 20 minutes.
Roll out as thin as you can handle and then roll the rectangle pieces up jelly-roll style. Slice with a bread knife very as thin as you can.
This is what one noodle will look like:
unroll the rounds and hang to dry (I draped the noodles over a strainer) to dry for a few minutes. Or boil in water immediately. Noodles are done when they float to the top of boiling water. We tossed with butter and lemon pepper. Yummy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That wasn't all...

So I posted about the "junk" that I got on the side of the road earlier. That wasn't all, there was also a rocking chair.

a carpet cleaning machine
and here is the light fixture all cleaned up! YIPPEE

Now remember, these all took some elbow grease to get looking so spiffy... but is was well worth the while... don't ya think?!


This was found on my morning walk, the shelves were broken out (we just placed plywood instead) and it was very dirty... I didn't take a picture before, but this is it cleaned and polished. I love "FREE" signs!

This was on my walk the next morning! VERY DIRTY but it called out, "Take me home!" Our God is so awesome, even answering our smallest requests. I will post a cleaned up picture of this chandelier tomorrow!

Lesson Learned?

Paying attention to health and taking daily 3 mile walks may bring you more than weight loss!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dinner tonight was Yummo!

Wonderful Little "Pillows" of Potato Pasta

Traditional Rustic Gnocchi
3 1/2 cups instant potato flakes
3 cups hot water
3 whole eggs
1 TBS salt
pepper to taste
4 1/2 cups flour

Combine the potato and hot water in a mixer with the knead bar attachment, add eggs and seasoning until combined. Add flour one cup at a time. Roll into logs about the size of a bread stick. Cut into squares with a pizza wheel and lots of flour. Push each pillow in the center with your finger to make a traditional rustic gnocchi shape. Boil in hot water until the "pillows" rise to the top, toss with 2 TBS olive oil. Serve hot. (If this recipe is to large you may freeze a portion of it before the boil stage)

We served this along side of:

Grilled Lemon Chicken
Sweet Corn
Green Beans
Alfredo Sauce
Sweet Tea