Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dinner tonight was Yummo!

Wonderful Little "Pillows" of Potato Pasta

Traditional Rustic Gnocchi
3 1/2 cups instant potato flakes
3 cups hot water
3 whole eggs
1 TBS salt
pepper to taste
4 1/2 cups flour

Combine the potato and hot water in a mixer with the knead bar attachment, add eggs and seasoning until combined. Add flour one cup at a time. Roll into logs about the size of a bread stick. Cut into squares with a pizza wheel and lots of flour. Push each pillow in the center with your finger to make a traditional rustic gnocchi shape. Boil in hot water until the "pillows" rise to the top, toss with 2 TBS olive oil. Serve hot. (If this recipe is to large you may freeze a portion of it before the boil stage)

We served this along side of:

Grilled Lemon Chicken
Sweet Corn
Green Beans
Alfredo Sauce
Sweet Tea


Karen said...


I'm so glad to see you post again! I love your blog!

I normally don't comment but had to come out of lurkdom to ask if you've ever used left over mashed potatoes to make this recipe?

I have a bread recipe that uses potato and I actually prefer the instant for that recipe-hence the question. (The leftover potatoes don't mix in as well.)

The Parson's Wife said...

Yes! I think the recipe can be modified to use 2# of baked potatoes. Nice to see you Karen, I love to be missed! Shawn <><