Friday, May 18, 2012

Coming Home and Holy Joe's Cafe

This is one of the loveliest sites for family members after months of being apart. I had the honor to be a witness to the welcome home for the first group of soldiers that are returning from Afghanistan, what a proud moment to be part of this awesome family we call Army. Prayerful that my soldier will be in my arms safe and sound in the near future. Yes, I am ready. Also, during this time reflecting on the dear families that will not have this reunion on earth, this is indeed a bittersweet time.
This week my man was part of a Grand Opening of Holy Joe's Cafe, attached to the chapel he serves. A special thanks to all who donate to this cause, what a respite in the dessert to have a great cup of coffee and wonderful fellowship in the name of the Lord. The chaplain's assistants did a fantastic job getting this set up and running. We are a blessed nation.

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