Friday, May 11, 2012

I can't believe this blog has sat for an entire year.  Even though I still get people emailing me and commenting, it has been missed.  So I have to recap what has been going on for so long...

1. My man (pictured above while home from war on R&R)... if you remember he is an Army Chaplain...
2. I was Blessed with a Vespa!  

2. A friend took some great pre-deployment pictures of our family.

3.  We visited White Sands with friends on Spring Break.

4. Fun Crafting time with friends.

5. White Ink Tattoo... yes  I did. :)

We are still at WONDERFUL Fort Bliss Texas and are hopeful for PCS orders this summer sometime. Our daughter is pretty serious with a young airman living in Hawaii and we have one getting ready to graduate high school next month, while another is finishing his Sophomore year.  Hug your children, they grow up so fast!

I also am learning photography, so hopefully this blog will not sit for days without attention.  (the last time I said that it sat an entire year!)  God Bless you!

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Nicky said...

NIce to hear from you again. Seems you've had lots of fun. God bless.