Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chocolate Butter Minis with Peanut Butter Icing and Milk Chocolate Curls

Today I played around with my new Hobart 20 qt mixer and convection oven! Made a wonderful buttery chocolate cupcake with a sweet topping of peanut butter icing and little milk chocolate curls. Picture perfect...and hopefully tummy perfect! I SO tried to get one of my favorite pictures behind the cupcake trio, the grandpa praying over his crusty bread and meager bowl of soup...can you see him back there? Doesn't it just make you think? Think about being so very thankful for your very basics. Pondering now on the wonderful Easter blessing of Grace. I thought today's devotion said so much.

And I thought I would put out a picture of the "undressed" cupcake! wink...and the guy who got it done, Hobart!

Last week I thought it would be fun to combine a pound-cake recipe from a "Friendship Cake" starter that a sweet gal from church shared with me, and cheesecake. So here is a cake made up with a cheesecake layer and the friendship cake on top, it was lovely! (Okay, true confessions, I placed the starter in my crock pot that was on the counter, and about midnight I smelled a plastic odor! Yup, you got it my crock was switched on low! Moral of the story? Don't store things in a plugged-in crock pot!)


Diann said...

Hello Shawn,
Your amazing!! I must not have been on for a while, you've done a ton of creating!! It all looks so beautiful, you go girl. (We heard about all your snow). My favorite is one of your last creations with the prayers over the soup and bread! My aunt always had that picture hanging in her home minus the minis. This week, I'm writing poems, can you tell. ;) Thanks for the inspiration!
In Jesus+

The Parson's Wife said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the difference between a kitchen aid and a Hobart? Thanks

The Parson's Wife said...


The only reason I have a Hobart is for LARGE quantities. When I make buttercream or the chocolate towne cookie recipe below, I am maxed out. Hobart used to make Kitchen Aid, so they are both well reputable, and their customer service is good. I have had one professional KA burn out on me within the first year, they replaced it without issue...the gear stripped on the "new" one this past fall...which was two years later. My dh and I were able to track down the part and repair ourselves. (Sugar work seems to be very hard on mixers, and I make a lot of sugar based items >grin) The professional one I have is all metal parts, the classic model I have has plastic parts inside (which is to prevent the motor from burning out- the plastic hardware gives first and is easier and less expensive to repair). The Hobart is just well, a beast! I can make huge amounts of breads, cookies and other I am LOVING that! This is probably way more information than you wanted! God's Richest Blessings, Shawn <><

The Parson's Wife said...

Awww, shucks, she says as she kicks the dirt with her left toe... (I read this somewhere, it's not original>wink)

Thanks Diann...I miss you! Did you hear about the Coffee/Bakehouse? We are thinking of calling it Hallowed Grounds...watchathink?

Aliteration, right? the minus minis?

Counting down the days until we all can vacation in the U.P. Blessings, Shawn <><

rie718 said...

would you mind sharing you recipe for the chocolate butter minis and peanut butter icing? My little ones love anything made with peanut butter.