Friday, September 21, 2007

Photos lost...

Well, in efforts to keep readers posted on my blog I hastily posted the blog writing yesterday and forgot to check the pictures here are some pics I left behind!


Five Little Monkeys said...

Thanks so much for the pictures! We do understand the previous post much better now!
What is the story behind the cuckoo clock?
The frequent coffee card looks especially nice.

Tonda Turner said...

Hi, my name is Tonda and I enjoy your blog so much. I am a foodie who loves to bake and cook and share with my friends and family. I'm so excited about your new business. I too would love to do the same thing here where I live. I homeschool too. I have 2 boys ages 12 and 8. We have lots of fun.
Anyway, just wondering if you ever share or post your recipes for things. Especially your white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies. Now that is a mouthful. =)
They look yummy!!
I have just taken over our kitchen at church and I'm in charge of cooking for special events. I love trying new things.
So, just wondering about some of your goodies??
Thank you for sharing and letting me know I can achieve my dreams too. =)

In Christ,
Tonda T.

Danielle said...

You need pics of the wedding cake you did up here!! :) Maybe when you get the chance....nice pics. :)

carriejoy said...

Shawn! Missing you on the FIAR boards, but WOW! You look like you're going gangbusters. You know, I'm looking for property...maybe the your neck of the woods should be on my list!

Anonymous said...

Shawn, love all of your recipes. Send me your email again as I had to rebuild my pc. Kids all look like they enjoy HG as much as you and we are very proud of you all. Much Love from Texas. Your sis, Laurie

Chrysa said...

I NEED more updates!!!
Hugs and love...Chrysa<><

Leslie said...

Hi Shawn,

It's Leslie from the FIAR boards. I was reading through my old blog posts and came across a note from you - and you had asked to be added to my friends list. I tried and tried (and hopefully told you or posted about it), but could not figure out how to add someone that was not on HSB. Well, I've finally figured it out. (It only took me a year!)

How are you doing?! I sure miss seeing you on the FIAR boards and know others do as well.

I'm adding you to my friends list and would love to hear from you.