Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I just wanted to say... this picture says so much. (I don't know where I got this pic, but it was in my photos, and I was blessed by it today!) As I sit here looking through blogland, I know that my craft room awaits a cleaning.  I pray today for:

1. My dear pastor-husband and the relationships he nurtures during his day.
2. Our children (all mommies understand that I cannot list every concern and care).
3. Our household focus. (Trying to work our way out of debt, and the world stress that comes with that-keeping our eyes on HIM in every and all situations.)
4. Thankful for being able to be at home in care of our family and home.
5. Thankful for a church that clings to Christ in sound doctrine and liturgical service.
6. I pray for specific people in our lives (God knows their names)

I don't usually post my prayer requests, however vague they are, but I am just overwhelmed somedays with the world, and wish to keep focus on HIS sweet comfort.  

I will post pics of friendship bread steps... it was yummy!  

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