Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seven Weird and Random Things you probably don't know about me...

IndianaJane tagged me to share seven weird and random things about me... I found it fun to read fellow bloggers randomness so here I go...

1.  I met and married this incredible, wonderful, kind, and dreamy man in two weeks.  Yup, went on a date on a Saturday, he proposed the next Saturday and we were married the following Saturday, 18 years ago!  ( I do not recommend this to my 17 yod!)

2.  I was in the military for a short time.

3.  I grew up in Germany.

4.  I adore the gray, wet, snowy days of winter.  (The gray-sky-love may be from my childhood days)

5.  I battle the urge to eat ice constantly, if I do not take an iron pill.  I am thinking it drives my sweet family crazy, hearing crunch, crunch, crunch.  (Reminder, take my iron pill today!)

6.  I absolutely cannot, cannot wait until Christmas morning to see my children open gifts.  This year we are actually planning it into our festivities, every Wednesday night after Advent services they will get to come home and open one gift.  (This is sort of cost effective this year as well!)

7.  Shhhh, because I am a pastor's wife, and you know what "they" might think or say... shhhhh, but, I have a tatoo!  Don't tell.

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rainydaymichele said...

Well, now I know you just a little better! ;)