Friday, April 17, 2009

Noodles and Company

Okay, so we traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin yesterday... my husband is a pastor and a parishoner was going into surgery... I know a 6 hour drive, but It is so worth it though. If you see how these visits make a difference in peoples life. I am thankful that my husband is willing to take the time to share God's Comfort and Forgiveness... no matter what.

We ate at Noodles and Company. I LOVE this place. I have only eaten there maybe four times (we live in a remote community)... so when we travel out of town it is a true blessing to have dinner out. Today I am going to "mock-up" a noodle recipe! I will post pics later! Whole Wheat Pasta, fresh Romas, garlic, balsamic, onion.... yummm-o!


Karen said...

Coming from the parishoner's point of view-you are absolutely right. Those hospital calls by the pastor, prayer before procedures, waiting with the family's all such a blessing to the patient and family. Bless you and your dh for making the effort-I'm sure your flock appreciates it.

Looking forward to your pics/ideas. I've never heard of Noodles and Co. but your description is certainly an effective teaser!

Jane said...

I love Noodles & Co. It has given me lots of great ideas for pasta at home.

Lisa said...

so you were in our neck of the woods relatively speaking. What I wanted to ask you was a few years back I think you all went to Gettysburg for vacation. We want to do that on the drive home this summer, can you do the sites in a day or will we need two days?