Saturday, May 16, 2009

Classic Flavors

My sweet daughter has completed her studies and we are having a celebration for graduation and a farewell celebration. We plan on 100 people to attend (and kept the costs at $120 for the get together!) Without skimping, this is our plan

Grilled Gourmet Burgers
Grilled Polish, Smoked and Classic Dogs
Sliced Fresh Watermelon
Baked Brown Sugar Beans
Tortilla Triangles with Black Bean Corn Salsa
Ruffled Potato Chips
Raspberry Lemonade
Classic Flavors of Cup Cakes
French Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream Icing
Deep Chocolate with Cocoa Buttercream Icing

1 comment:

Five Little Monkeys said...

It was a fantastic celebration, and amazing that you kept to your budget!