Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Sale

Is it better to call it:

Yard Sale?
Moving Sale?
Garage Sale?
Estate Sale?

Hmmm, I am thinking this weekend is going to be messy. I don't know why I think this is going to be helpful, I just want to get rid of items no longer in use.

Friday and Saturday 9-11 am at the parsonage.

Bring your friends!


PW said...

I'm a pastor's wife too. This is also a move year for us. We don't do the moving sale thing. We just trash the stuff that's junk, and give the decent/good stuff away we no longer want to Goodwill/Salvation Army. For us it saves time, and effort. in my opinion.

PW said...

Hope your sale goes great, though. (((((((HUGS)))))))

Karen said...

I don't go to lots of sales but the terms "moving sale" and "estate sale" make me anticipate better, and more, stuff.

Smart move to make it 9-11. I bet traffic dies down after that anyhow and you're not tied down to babysit the sale.

Hope it's wildly successful and you get rid of everything (and make a good amount of cash, too!).

Five Little Monkeys said...

Dan adds "Rummage Sale" to the list--that's the going term out here. I vote for "Moving Sale" for the same reasons as Karen. Dan also says that if you give your husband a megaphone and have him talk obnoxiously, it could be an auction. :)

The Parson's Wife said...

Dan and Amy, you guys are so creative, I am so certain my sweet husband is going to appreciate the idea of auction, and as well he should, we are doing this for his new career, and for the Kingdom of our Lord, right?! (wink)