Saturday, February 6, 2010

Homemade Cupcake Wrappers and Picks

Have you ever had a huge kitchen fail? After I spent the evening cleaning my oven from the cupcake fail (previous post) I started over, with a cheat (doctor mix) and home made Magnolia Buttercream Icing.

Creating your own picks is really easy, and you can customize with whatever your theme is... here we were cheering the Colts on for the Superbowl...sniff, sniff...

And to dress up a cupcake, making a sweet outfit for it is perfect (aka a cupcake wrapper)
When you are using writing on your paper (printed myself) make sure you label your template top and bottom (as you see in my picture, another fail!) It all worked out in the long run!
Oh, and you can make your own template with whatever size cupcake liner you are baking in, see, just cut a bit larger than the liner itself! Easy Peasy!
These were the supplies I used. Printed papers (the grass was purchased at Hobby Lobby) glue runner, paper cutter, card stock (for template) a 2D tip for the icing and paper shreds for the cupcake stand.

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