Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pottery Barn Knock Off

The next Knock Off will be: $49 pedestal hurricane vase


Kristi said...

Thanks for the list of Chaplains' wives blogs. I've been looking for other chaplain's wives to learn from since my husband and I are new to this chaplain thing. We are AF but I'm happy to find anyone close to my situation as I learn how to do this.

The Parson's Wife said...

Kristi! So glad to meet you. As you can tell, we are currently at Fort Bliss, I see by your blog that you too are close by. My husband is from the Tacoma area, and I noticed you wrote you too are from the Northwest. I grew up Air Force and my husband and I were Air Force 20 years ago, out of high school. Find me on Face Book, if you have a FB page. Is PWOC active there? Our group is awesome, and I love the fellowship! I will link your blog on my blog as well... welcome to active duty, God has blessed us!