Friday, March 18, 2011

Has Facebook replaced Blogging?

New Hair
New Hobby: Running! But then I was down with the flu and haven't ran in a week. The best part is my man is a runner already and he is my motivation. Thankful for a sweet marriage! Thankful for God's plan in marriage, Gen 2:24.
New Pains: Okay, after a few months of running I thought I'd give the torture chamber a chance (Oh, did I say that out loud) I mean the GRAVITY class at our post gym. OUCH!
New in the Kitchen: Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. Yum, easy, better with time.
Not so New: Still crushing on a Vespa. My husband even took me to the local Harley Davidson shop to test drive one. Tip, it really isn't cool for a guy to test drive a Vespa at a Harley shop, so wow, thank you to my man for that afternoon! One day, hopefully when we are stationed in Italy I will be traveling to the bakery to pick up our baguettes on this sweet scooter.

I have struggled with this in my life. Busy-ness, blogging, facebook, creativity, Bible study, face-to-face socializing. Who else has this battle. I know I love to read blogs, so I am sure others do as well. I am an Army Wife now and my life is so busy. The connections with others are so abundant, and for that I am thankful, yet it all takes time. I still want to "journal" here... so today I am updating basic pictures from the past few months (really for my own good, to get me back on track).


Karen said...

Yes, I think for many, facebook has replaced blogging which is a bummer for those of us (me) not on fb. Or maybe it's just a busy season for many of us-I know that's my excuse for not blogging much lately.

LOVE your new do! Very pretty!

And yay for you taking up running! That is a huge accomplishment in my book!

Thanks for posting an update-I've missed your posts.

Have a great weekend!

Pastor Redhage said...

Thank you for the updates, Shawn! I understand the busyness and just posted some new pictures on my blog as well. :)
I'm interested in the bread--is it similar to the leave-it-in-the-pan-overnight method that you did a few years ago?
Now it's time to take at least two of the children to a Young People's Concert (Michael had a fever last night). God's blessings on your day!

wendy d. said...

I wondered the same thing! I check your blog often and... it was good to see a record of ALL you have been so busy DOING the past few months! Can't wait to read more. Or, I'll just catch you on Facebook :)