Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Creating a beer bread...

Okay, so I am back, the children had a ball ice skating, and meeting up with the other homeschooling families, and I am getting pointers from them on posting my pics...hmmm, well, uh, when did this, um, yaknow, how did this happen?! Turning to the next gen already!!! LOL

ANYway, so I had some Tastefully Simple Beer bread last week and I tweaked a recipe to make it on my own...those years of culinary school must pay off somehow! First, fresh ingredients, and local is better! Always.

Then mix and watch the bubbles...mmmm, mmmm...good!
After the batter is in the pan, dribble with some fresh , real, butter before baking, then bake, eat...guess what? We ate it for lunch with ham before taking a picture of the end product! ooops, but well, you understand...right? Hey, if you want the recipe, I'll think about it...LOL...

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