Thursday, December 21, 2006

Parsonage Open House Menu

Okay, so here begins the cooking and baking frenzy...YIPPEE, this is what I adore! Here is the planned menu, but any other ideas are welcome! I will post pics as I create, and appreciate all of the kind words you all have sent my way. Blessings from Shawn <><

Menu for Parsonage Open House 2006

Pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling

Vanilla Wintermint Cupcakes

Chocolate Lava Star Cakes

Variety of mini Cheesecakes- Buttercup,
Milk chocolate covered blueberry, Caramel swirl

Dipped Oreo snowmen

Cheese slate dressed with sugared grapes and sliced brown sugar-cracked pepper ham.

Chocolate fountain with dippers:
Fresh Strawberries, Frozen Bananas
, Pizzelle Italian Cookies, Jumbo Marshmallows, Apple slices

Scallops wrapped in bacon with merlot sauce

Bread sticks with roasted red pepper marinara

Smoked salmon cups

Holiday finger sandwiches


Quiche tart

Wisconsin Honey Lager beer bread with tapenade

Cranberry spritzer

Hot Cocoa Bar

Coffee Bar

Ice Water

Hot Spiced Pink Lemonade

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