Friday, December 22, 2006


My daughter and I are in a prep stage for the Parsonage Open House and I am adding some fun pics...from the individual s'mores (love all the snowmen heads?!)to the wintermint vanilla cupcakes, and yup, even a picture of the Honey Lager Bread (the one that we ate last time made...before a picture made it to the blog, teeheehee...)


Shauna said...

The s'more packages are so cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! LOVE your smores and winter cupcakes. I have a feeling I will be checking back often. Can I ask what you used to make the faces on the marshmallows. TOO cute.

Heather said...


These look delicious and so well-made!!

Hope all went well at the open house ... blessings!!