Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hand Embroidered Pillow Cases...Who wooda thunk it?!...

The children are loving the embroidered pillowcases I stitched for Christmas...along with the new pillows their Uncle and Aunt provided via a Penney's Gift Card...thanks big brother! So embroidered on each one is the morning prayer...I was hoping to stitch the evening prayer on the back, but all of these words takes a bunch of time! I was surprised at how long they took.

My wonderful man, who happens to be a great dad, took the kids up to Indianhead Ski Hill for the FIRST afternoon of snowboarding and skiing...scary and fun at the same time, hey, everyone is taking turns in the hot tub tonight and my sweet husband is going to have a lot of sermon illustrations! wink...wink, teeheehee

These little kitty cats are out for the afternoon, they have been running with the kids outback in the snow...which evidently wipes out the feline boys!

RESOLUTIONS...thinking on these things....just thinking....hmmm, I have one more day, don't I?!

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Heather said...

Thanks for sharing all those pix! And those pillowcases are lovely -- they look so prefessional! I wish I could hand embroider like that, but so far all I have learned to do is more of the primitive style. Perhaps I will work on that in the new year!