Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the Third Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me...

A gear for my Kitchen Aid Mixer!?! YUP, my Profesional Kitchen Aid just does not seem to like creaming sugar with butter, funny, it gobbles up the wheat berries fine, but the sweets, now that is another story! So we took it apart (after calling customer service and finding out that it will cost a small fortune to send in to "take a look at") and now are in search of a gear, and great-grandmother's-spatula , was it messy! So I am thankful my sweet man is a Pastor, not a mechanic!So, take a deep breath, have a few sweet doughnuts for a pick-me-upAnd enjoy the children in the Winter Wonderland of The Northwoods of Michigan, where God's creation of the life He blesses us with daily is so very evident!

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Heather said...

Perhaps the Lord is trying to say something about the sweets? My Kichenaid is the same -- does fine with whole wheat, but hates making icing ... hmmmmmmmmmmm ... interesting!