Monday, April 2, 2007

Confirmation Sunday (Palm Sunday)

Christopher is Confirmed! We had a wonderful Sunday Morning Worship Service this Palm Sunday, I am so thankful to "Pastor"...wink, he is sorta special to me! I am also thankful to the congregation members, especially "the sisters" who prepared all the palm branches for the children to begin service with.

Cookies and Cakes and Candy Bars... OH MY! They were fun table decorations for the Banquet that followed church service. 100 Cross Cookies with Fondant Icing and Royal Icing flowers, Cakes with Butter Cream, Deep Chocolate and French Vanilla...Hershey Candy Bars with custom Wrappers. What a Grand Day!

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Five Little Monkeys said...

Congratulations, Christopher! We still remember you as a 6 year old bouncing in the back of the white station wagon! How wonderful that you are now confirmed.
Beautiful work, Shawn! It looks like you helped make the day very special.
Congratulations to Pastor Wright, too! :)
Love from the Redhages