Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Homemade Linen Spritzer

Linen Spritzer,  use an empty window cleaning bottle, fill with hot water and a sheet of cheap-o fabric softener.  Use when pressing linens or as a wrinkle releaser when you don't have time to iron!  Really , this is super easy and smells wonderful as well as does a double duty, spritzing and releasing wrinkles!  Give it a try!  

Tip:  If you have lovely bottles you can package this up with some home made laundry powder and a dryer ball as a great gift idea!  Blessings!


Karen said...


I meant to post a comment on the ironing and ask if you planned to share the recipe-sounds great...and easy, which I love.

Five Little Monkeys said...

Thank you for the linen spritzer instructions! Do you have the directions to make a wool dryer ball?