Sunday, November 2, 2008

A new and weird love...

I don't think many will agree, and most will think it odd... I don't do this daily, but... I am really loving pressing linens, and my husbands clerical shirts.  I like the feel of the warm iron, the smell of my home made spritzer and the stacked linens and hanging shirts.  I keep a pile going and once a week or so spend a few hours over the ironing board.  Weird? 


Five Little Monkeys said...

Can you come to our house? Actually, David does love to iron, too (see Worker Bat post on our blog). Are you going to share your homemade spritzer recipe? It sounds like a good idea!

Susan Buetow said...

Hi Shawn!
I'm so behind on keeping a blog. I'm on facebook and that is where I communicate the most. Anyhow I saw your post about the Parsonage open house. We do it every year. Soon I need to plan this year's!
I had to respond to the iron post! I'm a freak about ironing and friends make fun of me! I iron my husband's clerical and pants every day. It is my routine. If I DON"T do it then I must really be sick! I will iron for the girls on Sunday morning but if I turn the iron off they have to do it themselves! So they get up in time for me to do it ! If they don't they have been trained how to iron and will do it!
Ok they laugh at me because I take my iron with me on trips. haha Oh yes that is funny!

Chris said...

I think I need to take some lessons from you all. :)

Jane said...

I've been ironing my napkins, kitchen towels, pillowcases, etc lately. It feels so orderly and peaceful.