Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay, all bread bakers. Farina, Cream of Wheat or what ever you are calling it in your household is really a coarse version of Semolina. So, for some reason (which I am truly thankful of course) the ladies from church "bless" me with bags of "farina". My family doesn't really appreciate hot mushy cereal in the morning. They do love

Crusty Breads

So, when baking my fresh breads I substitute 1 cup "farina" or "semolina" (which btw, I usually spend a fortune on in specialty flour bins) in with the flours. I also use it for dusting the stones or pans when baking... especially good for pizza!

Tonight is Friday Night Pizza and Movie night. I am using this recipe for my pizza dough, doubled and two cups of "semolina" in the mix.


Five Little Monkeys said...

Yum! We'll have to try this. Sarah made my great-aunt Helen's wheat bread last week, but this looks even easier!

How did Danielle's audition go?

Blessings to you all!

Karen said...

I did not know that farina=semolina.

I always learn cool stuff from you! Thanks!

Nicky said...

Hi, thanks for this helpful post! For the first time I attempted to make some brioche last week-end but it was a bit of a failure. I'd like to make bread as well so ill try this next time. My hubby who is a vicar makes beautiful bread but he is too busy at the moment.
Have a blessed week. Nicky

S_Mitchem said...

I've never seen this before. I am looking forward to trying it. When you use it for pizza crust, do you pre-bake your crust? Don't laugh! I am a newbie at bakery! haha!

S_Mitchem said...

I've not seen this before. I can't wait to try it!

Here's a newbie question...don't laugh! When you use this dough for pizza crust, do you bake it before adding toppings? Any tips?