Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To be young!

My boys enjoy our visits to a hotel with our family friends (other pastor's families)... one of the things they do every winter is swim for hours in the pool, run outside and roll around in the snow... and then jump into the hot tub... their entire being steaming with the hot/cold surge... I have wanted to share this photo for a while, and just "misplaced" it until now.

Oh, to be so brave!


Melanie said...

Hi there, I just wandered onto your blog from cspp and I love your blog! My husband is a candidate for call next month and I've been getting cold feet...thanks for showing the fun side of life on your blog :)

I also had a question for you. I see that you have a Kitchen Aid appliance for grinding wheat and I was wondering how fine of a grind you get out of it. I've ground my own wheat but everything I've used produces coarse flour. Thanks :)

The Parson's Wife said...


The Kitchen Aid grinds the wheat to a fine powder... I grind it once and then run it through again if I want it very fine. My dh and I like a coarse grind, while the kiddos like the fine, so we go both ways. Nice to "meet" you!

Totallyscrappy said...

That looks painful! I'm sure they love it. :)