Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pedestal Serving Tray...Trash to Treasure...and an old silver polishing trick!

After spending 20 minutes at the Thrift Store on Post I found a REALLY black silver candlestick and an oval platter. I didn't have any silver polish at home, and I wasn't going to budget some funds to purchase it for this project, so I went for the old tomato ketchup trick for polishing silver.

I used Gorilla Glue to adhear the silver candlestick to the platter and left it for a few hours while I ran errands with my kiddos and picked up my soldier from pre-Air Assault Training (more on that later).

This evening I had a few mint cookies left over that my sweet children hadn't devoured and my soldier's current favorite treat, peanut m&m's, and my favorite candle scent and snapped a few after pictures.

Cost of platter: $3
Cost of silver candlestick: $2
Ketchup on hand
Gorilla Glue on hand

Happy Results!


Karen said...

Seriously? Ketchup works as silver polish? How have I never heard that before?

The finished project is beautiful!

The Parson's Wife said...

Thanks Karen! Yes Ketchup gets it shiny and scrubbing with a mild abrasive (cloth or sodas) worked!

C. Shirk said...

I love it! Look forward to catching up when we get back to EP at the end of the month.

MaryLu said...

Way cool! Aren' you a clever wife! I'm impressed.

Susan Holowach said...

That is impressive Shawn!! First, that you saw those two items and thought of the project; then that you knew how to do it -- with ketchup.

sanjeet said...

The finished project is beautiful!

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